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Being a competitor has in the last year made me completely obsessed with exercise and nutrition.YES i can ADMIT IT and I can finally feel ok with letting go of being so lean all the time. There has been so many blessings and opportunities in my life that have made me such a stronger woman. The key to being confident and working in the fitness industry is balance. Now i am not saying completely let yourself go and be unhealthy, im saying its ok not to always be so lean that your veins are showing.

Let be real, it feels great you think you look amazing. But is it all to life?

I have so much passion in making my clients learn a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise. Being a competitor is the extreme of fitness lifestyle, but being healthy and in shape is a different mindset. I want all my clients to learn proper nutrition macro nutrients along with proper exercise form. I cant stress in my personal training sessions how important form is.

When a client comes to me I want them to someday be confident to be able to walk into any gym and own it using proper weight and form. My goal is to get my clients completely changing their lifestyle and hopefully change their lives.

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