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Me time is crucial.

Me time is so crucial to my lifestyle.

Sometimes in life there are so many distractions.. ..time, your partner, children, school work, chores... Whether it is a short period of time to just do something for yourself that is all you need. If you can each day write done a a time slot in your day for YOURSELF. Just as you would schedule any other appointment in your life it is just as important if not MOST important. It doesn't have to b a long time but key is that is has to be for yourself only.

Put your phone down. Allow certain times of day for answering emails and catching up on information. Other than that put it down and disconnect from everything.

Saying NO, if you do not want to do something is also crucial. It is OK to be selfish sometimes.

NO time ? Get up earlier. However you decide to fit yourself in, do it daily. You will thank yourself.

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