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“I didn’t think an old dog could learn new tricks.  Or, for that matter, want to.  But, at the age of 44, overweight and under whelmed with myself, I knew I had to do something.  Namely, take back my life.  The problem of course, was HOW.  My options, as they have always been, join a gym and go on a diet.  Easier said than done.  I had never even stepped foot in a gym!   I started dieting on my own, seeing some results, and realized that I had much more to accomplish.   As if by divine intervention, an advertisement came in the mail. WOW….  TIMING, I thought.  I hoped, prayed and maybe even THOUGHT that perhaps this is what I needed.   Maybe I could feel better, (not get winded going up a flight of stairs), look better, (get back to a size that pretty clothes come in), and mostly… sincerely… just feel good about myself and accomplish something. BodyDesign has, in no uncertain terms, changed my life!  This is no exaggeration.  They have given me the inspiration and the motivation, which I have never found before.  They are genuinely as happy for my great strides and achievements as I am.   They know, clearly better than I, how far I can go, how much I can do, and are there to cheer me on every step of the way.   I am constantly tapping into their knowledge with questions that help me every day.  Exercise and diet advice is crucial to maintaining a lifestyle I have become ecstatic with.  YES…. Really happy!  I am down more than 30 pounds, happier than ever, and, (unless people are lying), looking better than I have in YEARS.   No amount of thanks could ever be enough for my personal training family.  I am forever grateful!”....Debbie




As a healthcare practitioner, I understand the importance of regular exercise.  However, sometimes, life gets in the way of your goals and you start to fall off the exercise routine.  I was getting tired of making the excuse of not being able to find the time and I just wanted to get back into my routine of regular exercise.  I found that by just going to the gym, I wasn’t seeing great results and I was actually getting very bored with my workouts!  Lauren came highly recommended to me and after training for only a few short weeks, I have already noticed significant changes in my body.  Not only have I lost inches and gained muscle mass, but my energy level and mood has drastically improved as well.  Lauren’s training techniques are unlike anything I have ever experienced at any gym or with any trainer.  There knowledge, personal attention and dedication is what  makes working out fun and enjoyable  Lauren has a genuine interest in my health goals and keeps each workout new and innovative.  She has been an incredible motivator and source of inspiration to me. I feel fantastic and highly recommend Laurens training.. Dr.Deb



Six months before our wedding, my husband and I turned to each other and decided we needed to get in better shape. We are both very busy professionals and are certainly not athletic types.  We very much didn’t want to join a typical gym with a program we wouldn’t be able to stick to.  We felt the best way to accomplish our goal was to seek out one-on-one training, and we could not be happier with the result. Though we started our training with a long list of things we were not able to do during our initial sessions, within weeks we felt stronger and more confident in our abilities. The people at the Fitness Studio are encouraging, understanding and very knowledgeable.  Our overall fitness improved such that or daily back and neck pain reduced drastically, and my migraine headaches ceased completely. In 6 months before our wedding my husband didn’t have to go to the chiropractor once.  Between the two of us we lost 50 pounds and felt confident and full of energy on our wedding day. My husband developed muscles he never had before and dropped 4 pant sizes. I lost 5 inches on my waist alone and was able to drop inches on my hips and thighs as well, which I had never been able to do.  In the end, my wedding dress was taken in more than 2 full dress sizes and I felt beautiful on our wedding day. The pictures speak louder than words! Thank you Lauren. ....Cara 



I have been working out at with Lauren for over two years, and I am hooked!  I feel strong, energetic and toned, especially my arms.  Lauren works with my busy schedule.  I work out two to three mornings a week and fit in some cardio whenever I can, and this gets results.  I like that I can train with both Lauren and Jeann.  They compliment each other and work my body in different ways.  Lauren is a great resource for helping me to make healthy food choices and keep my love of chocolate in check.  I feel Laurenknows me well and really cares that I succeed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle...LYNN 


Lauren  not only helped me get back into shape after a 7 year layoff - my program also raised my awareness and spirituality outside of the gym.  I am so happy I found them - in a short period of time I started feeling like a whole new me...  Turney Duff

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